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Thread: Tvtime compiz performance problems

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    Default Tvtime compiz performance problems

    When I run tvtime with the desktop effects enabled Xorg, compiz and tvtime use a lot of cpu. It's even worse with tvtime in full screen. This doesn't happen with the desktop effects off or when I use vlc for example.

    Any ideas on how to fix this?
    The system is a 3GHz P4 Prescott, 1.7GB Ram, Nvidia FX5500.
    I'm running 11.3 with the nvidia video driver (173.14.27).

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    Default Re: Tvtime compiz performance problems

    Have you enabled video support in Compiz? There's some kind of option for this in the compiz config manager (it's been some time since I used Compiz). Generally tvtime does not have issues with desktop effects or composite, for me it runs smooth and uses only little cpu-power (using KDE4 with composite effects).

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    I enabled the video playback plugin from CompizConfig Settings Manager, but there's no difference. If this was the problem, I should've had the same problem with vlc.

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