Adobe Air are not able to invoke the password dialog for installing apps in opensuse11.3 (i686) .. it waits for root password confirmation however there is no dialog window to input the password to. I've tried installing adobe air apps as both su and normal user, no mather what I do it's not envoking the password dialog..

I've also tried to install the gnome su library to see if it helps any but it don't...

I have also tried to reinstall Adobe Air using both the rpm installer and the binary installer from, the binary installer won't even install.

Is there anyone that can help out with this problem so I can get the use of the AIR apps I need ?

From AIR installation log
[Adobe AIR Application Installer:12808][INFO] Waiting for user confirmation

Edit: By the way, I've also tried the normal troubleshooting such as removing the crypt cataloge, removing cache and etc..