Hi there,

I use a SLES-machine (should be similar to opensuse I guess) and ad AIX-machine and got the following error:
every time a none-root user runs an "at"-command on the linux machine, there is an error written into the errorreport of the AIX-machine. the error is the following:

<82>Jul 12 22:32:09 linux-hostname atd[10754]: PAM audit_log_user_message() failed: Operation not permitted

I already checked the files /etc/at.deny (exists with users listed like "alias, backup, bin, ..." but not the user that causes the error-message) and /etc/at.allow (which does not exist but is not necessary, as far as I could read from the internet).
Can you make a guess or give me a hint what the problem could be?

Thanks in advice,