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Thread: need some backup advice please

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    Default need some backup advice please

    openSUSE 11.2 / Gnome: YaST backup is making my head spin. I'm slowly getting my system configured for the first time and I don't want to start from scratch again. I would like to manually initiate a backup (incremental) once a week or so. Currently I'm using DarGUI but if I understand correctly it just backs up my user settings. I don't mind imaging or cloning occasionally but not too often. Command line use is okay but I'm hoping for gui products.

    So... 1) Suggestions for incremental system backup that covers more than just my user settings? 2) What directories should be copied for last question? 3) Suggestions for disc imaging/cloning. and 4) If I'm thinking about this all wrong - tell me and teach this old dog some new tricks!

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    I'm not sure if Deja Dup is available for openSUSE, but I've been using that in Ubuntu and Fedora and it seems to work pretty well so far, although I'm using it for /home files, not system files. One thing I like is that I have it set to save to a (samba shared) networked directory, and when the backup runs it will mount that directory first without me having to do it.

    Otherwise rsync (and it's GUI grsync) are handy and many distrubutions include it so theoretically you might be able to rsync from a backup location to the local or new hard drive using a LiveCD.

    Can look at CrashPlan. While they are focused on backing up to a Cloud-based location (encrypted and all) their client does provide for backing up to an external drive and possibly a local networked file server. Their online offering isn't too bad price-wise either.

    Some people are satisfied with Back in Time, but I haven't gotten that to work right for me yet.

    An advantage with Linux is if you can get the list of applications installed (and the repos) into a file that can later be pulled into a fresh installation then other than customized changes then you may not need to back up EVERYTHING, just what has changed from the default installation and can reapply on a new one.
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    Default Re: need some backup advice please

    Do distinguish what you have been configuring. If all you have been configuring is the way you use programs, you may find that all the configuration files are already held in /home and so all you need to do is to backup /home. If you have been configuring files in /etc, then you may need to back them up. But people do not normally make incremental changes to their system files, only to their user files. So, if you have been changing files in /etc or any other system folder, you may want to back these files up once for the record. Thereafter, unless you are perpetually adjusting system files, all you need to do is backup /home.

    And if you all you are doing is backing up /home, how big is it? Will it all fit on a DVD or do you need a hard disk? K3b will deal with the former in about 10 minutes; rsync will do what you need with the latter.

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