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Thread: yast and/or packman made changes i did not authorize

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    Default yast and/or packman made changes i did not authorize

    about a week ago, i downloaded pdfedit from packman with yast2. along with the /usr/share/pdfedit files, there were also quite a few changes to /etc/postfix and /usr/share/icons. the pdfedit files are listed in the yast2 software management, but the other changes are not. they all have the same date and time stamp.

    since i did not knowingly request the changes, i'm concerned about security. how do i verify these postfix changes? i'm of a mind to remove postfix for security reasons.

    is there an update feature to yast2 that i need to disable to prevent this in the future?


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    Default Re: yast and/or packman made changes i did not authorize

    This is done by SuSEconfig that runs after every install/deinstall (the execution of which is shown in the YaST > Software > Software management window).

    When you look into /sbin/SuSEconfig, you will see that it executes scripts in /sbin/config.d. When you look there you will find that the script /sbin/config.d/SuSEconfig.gtk2 does refresh all links in /usr/share/icons. For the reason look the comment in the script.

    Warning: I found a warning in /etc/sysconfig/suseconfig that switching off (and I think meddling with) the execution of SuSEconfig can have consequences of which the writers of the SuSEconfig feature do not feel responsible.
    Henk van Velden

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