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Thread: 11.3 CD Labels available

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    Hi fellow (open)SuSErs!

    After the positive responses I received for my work on the last set of disc labels for OpenSuSE 11.2, I've updated them for OpenSuSE 11.3.

    I've only really adjusted the colours and text, since I'm trying to follow the openSuSE stylings- e.g. minor appearance changes from point-something versions, and a new design for the major releases (so keep 'em peeled when 12.0 comes out!)

    As a result of the uncertain status of the wiki's Artwork page, I've dropped the images (and last year's) on my own web server. You can view and get them here:

    Vintage PCs and more

    As usual, click the images for a nice large (600 dpi) version suitable for printing.

    Comments and thoughts are (of course) welcomed.

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    Default Re: 11.3 CD Labels available

    Looks good. Thanks.
    Henk van Velden

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    Very nice! Thank you.

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    You're welcome... (I sense a deja vu coming on from when 11.2 came out ... Heh.)

    SuSE is the main distro I use- tried Ubuntu, Red hat and Mandrake (back when it was still called that!) but SuSE was the only one that was easy to install and actually managed to install properly on the ancient PII box I had for testing then. Now I don't use anything else- and this is just a small way of showing some support and giving back to the community.

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