well I want to get the latest version of java on my opensuse. (java is just an example, the rest of programs are similar)
Default I had JRE 1.6.0-u17 and I want to have 1.6.0-u20 both JRE and JDK.
1. I added some yast repositories and installed JRE, JDK and java browser plugin
2. download from site the .bin file, chmod +x and ./runit!

First, I tried the 2nd version but I had some problems:
1 - this didn't affected the classpath so when I used java -version still u17 it was, not u20
2 - the browser plugin wasn't updated
3 - how cand I uninstall it (u20)?
Latelty I come back to the 1st choice, it works, but I want to learn opensuse so... I have to find out the answer for the 2nd choice.
Thank you