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Thread: Cache Folder For Online Repository

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    Default Cache Folder For Online Repository

    Hi, I'm just curious, can we copy the RPM files which have been downloaded when we install software from online repository. If we can, where is the location of the folder that store them?

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    iirc you need to turn it on not sure about the yast module I more than suspect it is possible though. Though this may not be what you want after the fact as far as I know you would need to do some bash magic(installed package list) and download only(dry-run) with zypper.

    zypper equivalent of yum —downloadonly, 02/02/09, Mike's blag
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    The cached packages will be in /var/cache/zypp, but as Feathermonkey pointed out, the option to cache packages is not turned on by default. If you haven't enabled caching, /var/cache/zypp will be empty. You can enable caching for all repos by running
    zypper mr -ka
    as root.
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