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Thread: Fullscreen not possible (slow!) :(

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    Default Fullscreen not possible (slow!) :(

    I've been really lazy on the uptake with this one. It happened so long ago, I can't remember what update precipitated it, but I know that at some point in the past something was installed, updated, or reconfigured that interfered with my ability to have decent graphics rendering. Fullscreen video is now a distant memory, flash video is chopped in windowed mode, etc.

    I'm new to openSUSE, so I'm not sure what information you need. I have a "ATI Technologies Inc RV635 PRO AGP [Radeon HD 3650]" video card operating over DVI at 1920x1080 (worked fine at first installation).

    If you tell me what I need to provide, I will give it to you immediately! I only want to watch fullscreen video again


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