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Thread: SLES 10 ppc rpms

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    Exclamation SLES 10 ppc rpms


    We found a link to binutils-32bit- in Search Results but the page states that the object is not found.

    We had the same problem with these packages: compat-32bit-2008.8.13-1.10.ppc64.rpm and linux32-1.0-414.13.ppc.rpm.

    Please give us the correct links.

    Best regards,

    System Engineer

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    meryem wrote:
    > Please give us the correct links.

    the subject line of your post indicates you are using SLES 10...this
    is the openSUSE forum, SLES is one of several commercial products
    distributed and supported by Novell..

    i don't believe it is the intention of this community to do that
    also...suggest you access SLES repos and question them on

    ps: i'd give you the links if i knew them, but i have no idea where
    they might be...but, you might try

    and, if i misunderstood, post again..

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    Default Re: SLES 10 ppc rpms


    Thank you for the reply.
    I posted here because I found the rpms in the website.

    I emailed the webmaster but I didn't recieve any reply.

    Anyway, I appreciate your suggestions.

    Thanks a lot.

    Best regards,

    System Engineer

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