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    I want to use wine but I can't

    what is the problem?

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    On Mon, 21 Jun 2010 19:26:01 +0000, parhamb wrote:

    > I want to use wine but I can't
    > [image:

    > what is the problem?

    What happens if you type 'cnf wine'?

    If you just installed it, you may also need to run 'rehash' to get the
    executable to be recognised in the path.


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    parhamb wrote:
    > what is the problem?

    have you installed wine?
    how did you install?
    well, open YaST, go Software Management, in the search block type
    wine, hit Search...right click on wine (to mark it for install) then
    click "Accept" takes some time, LOTS of stuff is going on
    in the background....when it is finished it will tell you so...

    then try your terminal command again...

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