One of our users has used SuSE & OpenSuSE for years, using mutt as his mail client with fetchmail to retrieve his email from a Microsoft Exchange POP3 server, and he uses xbiff to notify him when new email arrives.

Last week he upgraded from OpenSuSE 10.2 to 11.2 but now finds that xbiff is not working as its should. It turns black and the flag pops up when a new message arrives in his /var/spool/mail but this also happens if he deletes a message using mutt. As I understand it, xbiff is triggered if the user's mail spool increases in size (denoting a new message(s) being added to it) but xbiff in 11.2 also seems to get triggered if there is a *decrease* in mail spool size.

This does not occur in 11.1 and copying the 11.1 xbiff executable over to the 11.2 system does not fix the problem, so it must be something else, maybe in the way xbiff determines mail file size.

Has anyone else encountered this problem?

thanks, Andy