I'm setting up a system to allow users to remotely connect to GUI sessions to allow them to run high performance genetic analysis programs. to cut a long story short I've been banging my head against a wall and it's beginning to hurt.

the environment is

OPENSUSE 11.2 all patched
FREENX latest version
Nomachine client

in order to get the LDAP to authenticate the client it was necessary to pre-create the nx users on the server using

nxserver --useradd xxxx

this created the nx file structure in the users home dir and allows a successful connection avoiding the unable to create .nx error which is due to a missing cert if the user is created by th LDAP login.

on connecting asking for a gnome session the session starts as usual and then crashes with a couple of messages

"Could not connect to session bus: Failed to connect to socket /tmp/dbus-3mQ0kFlYy8: Connection refused"

followed by
"Could not acquire name on session bus"

this does not happen with a local authenticated user as opposed to an LDAP authenticated user

The authentication is OK, the NX session is up and running it's the Gnome startup that is Crashing.

Changing the preferred startup GUI from Gnome to KDE removes the problem and the session starts and is perfectly usable as you would expect using the KDE GUI

I therefore conclude that there is a bug in Gnome causing this startup crash.

Does anyone know of any patch or other solution to this as many of my users really prefer Gnome.......