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Thread: Desktop Search not working

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    Default Desktop Search not working


    I am a noobie and seem to have broken something!

    The desktop search has stopped working in Gnome.

    I get a message that says 'Search Service not running' with a button that says 'Start Search Service'.

    When I click the button nothing happens!

    Any help appreciated.



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    I must be getting the hang of this Suse thing, my server is running nicely and I fixed the search.

    When I try a search it offers to start the search service but nothing happens when I select this.

    However in Yast there are Search options. When I enable searching in Yast I can then Start the service from the Search screen.

    I will be switching it off as I am going to be copying 200,000 documents onto the server and I definetly dont want to index and search in those..... Good to know how to start it, might need it in the future.



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