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Thread: nvidia download trouble in opensuse!!!

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    Question nvidia download trouble in opensuse!!!

    i tried to download the nvidia driver for a custom version of opensuse 11.1 but it comes up with an error after i fill in the server name and directory on server which prevents the installation. help!

    the error is:

    ERROR! A valid domain name consists of components seperated by dots. Each component contains letters, digits, numbers, and hyphens. A hyphen may not start or end a component and the last component may not begin with a digit.

    A valid IP address consists of four integers in the range of 0-255 seperated by dots.


    however, i have not got a domain name or an ip filled in. the download website (Nvidia Installer HOWTO for SUSE LINUX users) did not provide either. i dont know why it wont work without them. help me please!


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    Default Re: nvidia download trouble in opensuse!!!

    the message is clear: there's a mistake in the server name / directory. Together they form an URL, the server name is the domain name. So, of course you got a domain name in, which by a nameserver is translated to an ip.hoeveel verdient microsoft aan nederlands onderwijsow

    How custom is this openSUSE 11.1? You might be better of installing the "hard way", which is not hard at all, I never do any other way out of habit. Messing with different kernels is making this a necessary skill .
    The repo for instance will not work if you install a different kernel, since the driver is precompiled against the distro's kernel. Installing "the hard way" builds the driver against the running kernel.
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