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    Anyone using Skype as an IM client?
    Please point me to a how-to for idiots like me. I only use very basic functionality in IM, and I like Skype's interface, but can't find any info how to set it up, import contacts etc.. I got my copy from skype website, installed fine and easy...
    I am using kopete atm, don't like it. I have used pidgin before, didn't like that (I am a KDE user) either. On windows I have used Trillian, liked previous versions, but they keep upgrading and making it "better" or as I think, "worse"

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    I use Skype, but AFAIK you can only communicate with other Skype clients. Must say, I do love Kopete for it's simplicity, even use the kopete-skype-protocol to be able to chat to skype users through Kopete.
    I installed Skype from the repos ( and it works flawlessly.

    A couple of remarks: Skype is closed source, forget about importing contacts from open source apps. I would not be surprised if it imports contacts from MSN on winders, some kind of deal, but it does not on linux.

    If I were you I'd do some more real linux research, there's lots of IM clients, that are open source, support multiple protocols etc. There's kmess, amsn, psi and many many others.
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