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Thread: First time opening Tasque cannot connect

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    Default First time opening Tasque cannot connect

    After a number of years using Ubuntu I had to switch OSs since it just wouldnt work with the power management on my laptop. Aside from being slower, the latest version of OpenSuse has a nice, comfortable feel to it.

    I am perusing the apps and attempting to use Tasque for the first time. The only thing that came up was a link to establish an account with Remember the Milk. I did so but there is nothing available for me to select within Tasque. It is indicating it is not connected. Advice is difficult to locate. Any help appreciated.

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    Default Re: First time opening Tasque cannot connect

    While waiting for assistance here, maybe post here as well:

    Remember The Milk - Forums

    Maybe this post offers a clue:

    How do I get it to run? - Tasque | Google Groups

    Good luck.

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