Hello gentlefolks,

I'm hoping one of you could help me resolve a problem:

Many of my (I'M ASSUMING) KDE menus, sometimes for no apparent reason, become VERY unresponsive.

With MS Windoze, these windows would be program specific/independent, however they would also share some commonality in windoze's window displaying mechanism... (part of "explorer")

I've concluded (perhaps erroneously) based on their simmilarity in looks / layout, and the PROBLEM BEHAVIOUR described below, that they're intrinsic to each other and KDE.

Now, the menus affected are those menu's you get when, for example:
-In opera, clicking, Page >> save.
-In open office, clicking File >> save / save as.
-In Amarok, pressing CTRL+O, (or clicking "Amarok + play media")
-In Firefox, clicking File >> open.

These are just some examples - but you get the general idea from them.
They are menu's / windows which access the system filesystem / filetree in some way. They also look very much alike and serve simmilar purposes.

Now the behaviour:

They're SLOOOW. To go up the tree for example, you'll have = loading icon, and a LOONG, unresponsive wait,
To open a folder is the same thing.
The cursor in the file name feild blinks SLOW.
Clicking on any icon is SLOW.
It feels sort've like a really buggy windoze machine, that has older gen hardware, and is infected by malware, and has a fragmented HDD.

Strangely enough - other times, all the said menus work FLAWLESSLY.

SO - thats the scenario. Any Ideas Folks?