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Thread: Dolphin and nfs shares

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    Default Dolphin and nfs shares

    This is the set up
    1 server with ldap for authentication and autofs maps

    2 client machines have home directories on this server ( nfs3)
    these machines also have some 'shared' directories on the
    same server ( nfs4)

    Now if I use a terminal I can always create files in the shared
    directories (subject to the relevant permissions) - I can also
    always save files in OO and the like

    The problem is that Dophin sometimes has the create greyed
    out ...and sometimes it doesn't ... so now I am at a loss as
    to why

    This is 11.2 with kde 4.4.3 btw

    Any ideas ?



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    Default Re: Dolphin and nfs shares

    I can only say that the ability to select "/file/create new" in Dolphin is all about user permissions in the default folder you have Dolphin looking at. And, this changes on-the-fly as you move around the Linux file structure. I would take note of the files in your present folder and to whom they belong when you see this option come and go.

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