hi there

do you think that it's possible?

I've been trying for 5 hrs now and now luck, i got an empty screen then the black screen and now i finally got it working but i see half of my screen...i changed all the setting on my old monitor but nothing change. i followed the advices on some of the post i read too...didn't work.
could it be the fault of my old monitor (a old school hp pretty big, not a flat one...)?
or maybe it's simply because my pc is too old with a ****** graphic card...

I really think that it should be fine because i successfully installed ubuntu 9.10 (was amazing) ubuntu 10.04 (i gave up on it, too many screensavers bugs...) and windows 7 ultimate on it so i suppose that it shouldn't be a problem.

I'm actually pretty new in the world of linux so i don't really know my way around.
what i would like to do is to set up a dual boot machine with windows 7 on a 40gb hard drive and linux opensuse or else on a 350 gb hard drive
i don't really want to buy an other pc plus i heard that linux work better on older pc, it's why i'm using this one and i can't afford a new one also...

what do you guys think?? am i waisting my time and should i try an other distro??
or maybe i could wait for opensuse 11.3, maybe it will work better and try to find a cheap flat screen that might help!

thank you in advance guys and sorry for my frenglish..(french-english)

ps: this is my pc:

HP Pavilion 712a desktop PC (AP) Product Specifications - HP Customer Care (United States - English)

i got a new dvd burner, hard drive and added 2 gigs of ram!

also something strange happened when i was under ubuntu. I could connect to internet with a wired connection linked to my second computer ( xp ) with a netgearN- router, but couldn't connect to internet using windows 7 for some reasons (on the same pc that linux is), it asked me for a network card.....strange no???