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A few,hopefully helpful, clarifying remarks to assist both oldsioux and caf4926.
7) Yes, the command line does look a bit fearsome at first but, in most cases, if you are not sure, you can alway wimp out before the fatal pressing of the final Enter button. Most people prefer to use the CL because each command is one action and the results are more predictable, whereas with a GUI several actions may be completed with one click of the mouse and there could be bugs in the software anyway.

Hope this helps.
Thanks, 'plodder'.

Apparently, the last few weeks of my life have been one *long* "On Golden Pond" experience where I seem to be afraid of *everything* and everyone... with that said, however... once upon a time *I* danced merrily around in DOS and CP/M as if there were NEVER any other way to do things. I totally don't know what has happened to my courage, but I do know that the CL *is* the best place to 'tweak' on things, instead of doing MASS operations that could screw up the whole works...

I, too, think it would be best to do all of this at the CL and just scrap the idea of trying to save this particular 'factory' copy of WinXP... if 'caf4926' is also willing... I'd like to prove that I can gather my courage and just *do* this the right way.

Here's my needs for WinXP:
1. Instant means of trouble shooting for a hardware vs. software malfunction.
If only I knew my way around in Linux CL well enough, I'd have no problem tracking down equipment vs. software, but there you go... I can't afford to be without *any* computer or access to the Internet.
2. Instant presentation in FrontPage98 to a client for a web page design that *all* Windoze people recognize enough that they don't stop me with thousands of questions about the software while I'm trying to show them what I see as their web page, or Internet presence.

... I've yet to be able to use Kompozer (Linux), but if it is all that it is touted to be, a cross between FrontPage98 and DreamWeaver, (without the crappy stray code of FP) then Kompozer *should* forever fill my needs for web authoring.

And with that said...

I can't think of any other reason I should need WinXP, *ever*. I have replaced all other windoze software with Linux equivalents... so, *why* am I still holding onto something that does nothing but give me grief?

I say, let's get rid of WinXP... let 'caf4926' send me a copy of WinXP if I decide I really have to have it, otherwise... TRASH M$ and let me take the final, hopefully NOT fatal, plunge into Linux and be done with this mess.
I *used* to be a champion for 'proving a matter of principle'... but, I'm getting too old to fight the constant fight of "Gotcha"!

Let's just get this matter completed and up and running in KDE Live CD, k?

I *hate* M$ and the constant problems that go with it, but FP98 was/is one of the best web authoring programs ever written by someone who was NOT on the M$ payroll... and probably why I like it so much. But, it's like training wheels... I want to have a Linux tool that allows me the same kind of balance I had with FP98, but... what if Komposer is much better? Now the dilemma is: 'nothing ventured, nothing gained'. This is the time for all good OSes to come to the aid of their benefactors: 'author on'.

Maybe just let me make a backup copy of WinXP, or the whole content of the SonyVAIO to the Maxtor 500G HD, just in case,<g> and then... let's start from scratch with a total KDE Live CD installation and the Network configuration needed to get Internet access going and then we can all get back to our lives and be happy.

I've stated my case... I await the conclusion of those far wiser than I.

BTW, I never, never, ever... let go.

Maybe it's time I did just that.