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Thread: update ooo manually

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    Juan Mera NNTP User

    Default update ooo manually

    Good day,

    I suppose that the version OOo that this included in Opensuse is different
    to which provides

    Wich its the procedure to update OOo 3.1 to OOo3.2 manually in Opensuse?

    Thanks for your time,


    Juan L. Mera

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    Default Re: update ooo manually

    Juan Mera wrote:
    > Wich it�s the procedure to update OOo 3.1 to OOo3.2 manually in Opensuse?

    i think the first question you should ask yourself is: what feature in
    3.2 do you need enough to take the chance of the newer software
    containing a not yet discovered bug which you really don't want?

    and, what do you mean by update manually? that is, do you wish to
    download source for 3.2 and then compile and install it?

    if so then all you have to do is use YaST to install the basic
    development pattern, and then read the README (or something similar)
    inside the source will (probably, but they are NOT all
    the same) tell you to

    make install

    you might wanna use the forums advanced search (or google) to find
    more info (if you need it) on how to compile and install software on

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