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Thread: Can't install Chrome beta on 11.2 (i386)

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    Default Can't install Chrome beta on 11.2 (i386)

    Installer stops with the following error

    2010-05-12 23:13:04|install|openSUSE-build-key|1.0-4.6.1|noarch||Update|45fa6c5ad04a04e86e407b224ed4f06dabb5d4e8
    # 2010-05-12 23:26:17 google-chrome-beta_current_i386.rpm install failed
    # rpm output:
    # warning: /home/dave/Documents/google-chrome-beta_current_i386.rpm: Header V3 DSA signature: NOKEY, key ID 7fac5991
    # error: Failed dependencies:
    # lsb >= 3.2 is needed by google-chrome-beta-5.0.375.38-46659.i386

    I can't find anything lsb related higher than 2.2

    Anyone help please
    Dave Lawton

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    Smile Re: Can't install Chrome beta on 11.2 (i386)

    I show lsb version 4.0 as being in openSUSE-11.2-Oss repository:


    Perhaps this is missing from your software repository listing or it is disabled.

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    Smile Re: Can't install Chrome beta on 11.2 (i386)

    Thank you for your advice

    That'll teach me not to rely on repository settings that are set to 'Enabled' & 'Autorefresh' meaning anything.

    I forced a refresh (the required repo already being in place), and lo & behold, on running the Software Manager, lsb version 4.0 has magically appeared.

    Problem solved, install complete, though I'm not sure it was worth it.
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