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Thread: zypper & repo problems

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    Default zypper & repo problems

    OK, I'm really scratching my head. 1st I thought I'd simply 'kill' conflicting process w/ps aux, then kill via 'pid'. Nooo. See error:
    "Problem retrieving files from 'PK_TMP_DIR'
    specified path '/var/tmp/TmpDir.txnJUB' is not allowed as a media
    source: dir///var/tmp/TmpDir.txnJUB
    see above error message for a hint...
    Now, it *really* gets weird...I've used cli to rmdir the dir shown in the error message....also used mc as root...also logout *and* also rebooted, but *still* this doggone dir is there! Anybody knows what gives??? I can't update/install any pkgs.
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    Default Re: zypper & repo problems

    Not what I call careful, healthy, and a not so prosperous result Thanks for your wishes.

    Never remove things from /tmp or /var/tmp, if needed do so through setting the system to clear the tmpdirs at boot. Done so through Yast - System - Sysconfigeditor, search for TMP, set to clear at boot.
    Do this first, reboot and get back here with results.
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