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Thread: Installing Qt4 Dessing

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    Default Installing Qt4 Dessing

    Well I'm new on linux and I want to install

    but I dont find it on any repository, try to manually install but give me an error
    " The system byte order could not be detected! "
    is there any other way to install those programs?

    Opensuse 11.2 (x86_64)

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    Default Re: Installing Qt4 Dessing

    Welcome to the forums !!!

    Which desktop did you install? KDE4? Then Qt4 is installed. To find out, start the software installer, enter 'qt4' in the search field and see what happens. Tick one or more options, perform search etc. You will find out the packages may not have exactly the names you provided, but when running KDE4 they will be installed, since KDE4 is built on it.

    Some search gave nothing for 'qt4 dessing'. You mean qt4 designer? Found qt-creator though.
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    Default Re: Installing Qt4 Dessing

    Thank's I get qt-creator, now i have problem with qmake cant make work qmake it say instruction not found
    I install qt4-devel and qt-creator the other things dont say anything about qt4 and cpp

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