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    There's an Ubuntu variant of Nautilus called Elementary Nautilus which aims for a tighter and sleeker Nautilus as opposed to the stock GNOME one. The modified one is really good, sleek and has RGBA (transparency support) through Metacity compositing enabled.

    I've created a set of RPMs and they should be building on OBS anytime now. Wanted to get the community's opinion on this modified nautilus build. Screenshots follow...

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    Did you ever get these RPMs up on the OBS? I've just had a quick search for "elementary" and "nautilus-elementary" on the software search page and couldn't find anything.

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    Index of /repositories/home:/anshuljain:/nautilus_rgba/openSUSE_11.2

    Is for GNOME 2.28 only. Haven't been able to look into patching Nautilus 2.30 for 11.3

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    nautilus_rgba? That'd be why I didn't find it Thanks.

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    Can someone please tell me how can i install Nautilus-elementary and Nautilus-mod (breadcrumbs) in opensuse 11.4_x64 with Gnome 2.x please?

    im sick of these ubuntu-fanboys all around the internet, they really just a bunch of ex-windows users, they dont realize that what they should be doing is for Linux not for a specific distro! ridiculous!

    help please!

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