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Thread: Using SLMS in Amazon EC2

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    Default Using SLMS in Amazon EC2


    I need to install Suse life cycle management server on my PC. But as I don't have a 64-bit architecture I am unable to install the same. Can I install the same on amazon EC2.

    Does Novell provide some service so that I can install SLMS?

    Or please provide me how can I install the SLMS in Amazon EC2.

    Thanks waiting for your reply...


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    Default Re: Using SLMS in Amazon EC2

    You probably want to ask about this over in the Novell Forums - this
    particular forum is for questions pertaining to SUSE Studio.

    If your question is about Studio and I've somehow missed that, I
    understand EC2 is in the works but not yet available as a target.


    Jim Henderson
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