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Thread: Firefox spelling does not update

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    Firefox checks spelling in text areas, which is good. However, the dictionary it uses is global and dictionary changes do not reflect across text areas. When your chosen spelling dictionary is Polish and you enter text in English into box#1 and then into box#2, and then you decide to review your spelling, you can change the active dictionary to English. However, this will affect the spelling of box#2 only, which is good because box#1 might actually be in Polish. So you go back to box#1 and change the dictionary to English? Nope; the dictionary is English already so choosing English has no effect and the words are still marked as incorrect!

    What you need:

    A frame with two text areas, e.g. Bugzilla.
    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Set the spelling dictionary to Polish.
    2. Enter "damaged " into box#1.
    3. Enter "damaged " into box#2.
    4. While in box#2, choose the English spelling dictionary.
    5. Return to box#1.
    6. Append text "damaged " (once more).

    Actual results:

    2. box#1: damaged
    3. box#2: damaged
    4. box#2: damaged
    6. box#1: damaged damaged

    Expected result:
    6. box#1: damaged damaged

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    Default Re: Firefox spelling does not update

    Did you file a bugreport? There's not much we can do here, since the Mozilla devs are not Novell/openSUSE. Maybe you'd rather find a solution in the FF/Mozilla forums.
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