Hi All, I'm trying to install 11.2 on a system where I just made some major partition changes and Expert Partitioner is doing many odd things, including just plain crashing. I could really use some help to figure this out. Here is what I have and did:

I had 500GB disk with a working Windows 7/OpenSUSE system which had, in this order:

1 primary NTFS
1 Extended (with 3 NTFS and one Linux Swap)
1 primary Linux ext4 (far too small)
1 primary very large NTFS

(*long boring and probably irrelevant paragraph warning *)

I needed a large partition for an OpenSUSE mount point, so I backed up and deleted the very large NTFS partition, then using gparted (from an Ubuntu 9.10 live CD), I deleted that last partition and the two linux partitions (one primary ext4, one logical swap), resized the logical to huge, added back a large NTFS, large ext2 and a swap partition to the extended partition, and added a new ext4 primary partition for my openSUSE install. Then I restored the large NTFS partition which is now logical.
-- OK, that is a bit convoluted but the point is that I moved lots of stuff around and created new Linux partitions type 83 and 82.

I should also note that *before* I did all of this, I installed OpenSUSE 11.2 and it recognized the ext and swap partitions and set up GRUB fine for dual boot.

After the changes, when I went back to reinstall OpenSUSE, Expert Partitioner now shows *every* partition, including the extended partition as "Linux Native" in the type column and the correct file type in the adjacent column. If I continue, the GRUB setup page has no reference to Windows, just 7 "other linux" entries.

fdisk -l /dev/sda shows the correct file types.

Thinking that partition table ordering was the problem, I reordered the partition table (fdisk > x > f). Windows was fine with that (after a re-activation) but Expert Partitioner still doesn't understand what is going on.
Also, it simply crashes and restarts the install process if I click on sda on the left side.

So the questions...

1) Is there a way I can get Expert Partitioner to understand the new partition table correctly and have install create a good GRUB dual boot.

2) I can't manually assign all the correct types because Expert Partitioner has no assignment for an extended partition (type 0F). So if I proceed with the install, will I screw up the entire partition table? (I did make a back up using dd but I'm nervous still).

Thanks for any insights. I can post the partition table if needed.