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    Default Installing Eclipse

    Hi guys,

    I just got my repos back on the track.

    I looked for the eclipse platform in 'Yast->software management', still like 8 choiches to make.

    Can I use zypper again to install 'Eclipse'?

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    Default Re: Installing Eclipse

    Not sure what you mean by "repos back on track," or if that's relevant to your question.

    You should be able to install Eclipse using any of the ways possible, as I assume you did before by the way you asked the question.
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    Sorry I had to refer to this post earlier.
    -> Installing Kmess - openSUSE Forums

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    Default Re: Installing Eclipse

    Anyways, Eclipse (whatever version) does not need to be installed. Download, unpack to some folder and just run.
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    Search this forum for a post on Eclipse I posted a while ago - don't bother with the repo version if you need to do Java EE development.
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