im a new suse user coming from kubuntu and I have to say im frustrated with trying to install stuff already. Im used to apt-get and the software managers in ubuntu, I can install these two programs in under a minute(klibido, pypar2), Not so much on suse .. there has got to be something easier than what im doing? klibido and pypar dont show up in yast.

I had to manually find the dependencies for pypar2 and managed to get pypar installed via rpm.

Now im working with a klibido rpm thats *****ing about dependencies again!

zypper doesnt find these programs either .. is there seriously no easy manager like apt get utils on ubuntu? this may sway my distro choice

im sure theres a lot im missing .. and keep in mind im new linux user so if ive missed the obvious, forgive me

heres the dependency issues with the current rpm, but honestly it doesnt matter .. if theres no apt-get alternative thats as simple .. ill be reos'ing today: