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Thread: NTP not working in orphan mode for 11.1

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    Default NTP not working in orphan mode for 11.1

    It seems like everything is configured correctly but NTP will start, sync once or twice in the first hour, then never sync again.... Any ideas? Below are signif lines from my /etc/ntp.conf files.

    tos orphan 9

    server BOGUS_1 # Must operate in orphan mode
    server BOGUS_2


    tos orphan 9

    server <server_ip_above>


    Log from client:

    ---- RESTART ---- 2010/04/21_10:59:36 ----
    21 Apr 11:02:53 ntpd[11300]: synchronized to <server_ip_above>, stratum 9
    21 Apr 11:02:53 ntpd[11300]: kernel time sync status change 0001


    I restarted everything at 11:00 or so and it updated only once.... ??

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    Default Re: NTP not working in orphan mode for 11.1

    Additional info:
    Version is right off of the install disk.
    ntpq - standard NTP query program - Ver. 4.2.4p5

    I had let it run over the weekend without updating also so it is not just this one time for only an hour or so. It never syncs again....

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