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Thread: Nautilus image/video/pdf/html preview failing

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    Default Nautilus image/video/pdf/html preview failing

    I don't how long is has been happening for (I've just upgraded my old computer, so it is now my faster and better machinig), but Nautilus is failing to create thumbnails for anything other than text files.

    I've swapped the settings around to try to trigger changes, but even on "Local only" or "Always" with a 10MB cap then Nautilus won't generate previews for anything other than text files. All images/videos/pdfs/web pages that should have thumbnails generated for them have the "pending" icon but never generate a thumbnail. If, however, I open the file (with Eye of Gnome or Gimp) and refresh the folder then the thumbnail appears for the one file I just opened (so I could go through and preview all images, but I'd really rather not!)

    I've tried removing/renaming my .local/share/mime folder in case it was incorrectly handling file types, but that didn't help. I've looked in gconf at the thumbnailer apps, but that appears to be for everything except images. Running "evince-thumbnailer" on its own works fine as well and generates an image. There aren't any related errors in .xsession-errors, and I don't know where else Nautilus logs to (running "nautilus --browser" creates a browser window but then drops back to the command line and doesn't print any output).

    I'm using openSUSE 11.2 and the default Gnome, with codecs from Packman. A fairly similar setup on my other machine is thumbnailing perfectly fine.

    Anyone got any ideas what went wrong?


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    Default Re: Nautilus image/video/pdf/html preview failing

    have you tried deleting the ~/.thumbnails folder?
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    Default Re: Nautilus image/video/pdf/html preview failing

    Sorry, thought I'd said that I'd tried that as well.

    I've restarted my computer now and it all seems fine. Perhaps something just broke Nautilus for that session. Hopefully it won't come back again.

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