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Thread: need help with PAM

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    Question need help with PAM

    Hey guys need some help with PAM i'm trying to do an exercie for some home work and I can't figure it out what so every need to make it so user2 can only login during the hours of Mo - Fr 0800 - 1700 can anyone help me? need the files /etc/pam.d and then need to go to /etc/security/time.conf

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    Default Re: need help with PAM

    one of the purposes of education and homework is to give you the
    chance to learn...not just ask someone who already knows the answer..

    in this case you need to learn how to find the info you need..

    for example, have you tried the documentation for pam?
    like man/info pam?
    or previous posts in this or other fora?
    or the Linux Documentation Project?
    or google?

    so, here is your new homework assignment: find the answer and post it
    back here for those students which follow you here..

    or, once you have done the research, then if you still have
    question..quote a source and explain what you don't understand...ok?

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