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Thread: How to recognise mounted devices?

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    Default How to recognise mounted devices?


    I have recently mounted my iPod Touch using ifuse, and it works with gtkpod and I'm very pleased about that!

    However, I'm interested in finding out how openSUSE recognises what devices are mounted? Because the device manager in the task bar doesn't recognise that it's mounted... Dolphin doesn't recognise it and neither does Amarok. Only gtkpod, which is good, but I want other applications to recognise it.

    Do I need to mount it in a specific location? Currently it's at /mnt/iPhone. Or do I need something in fstab (I'm just guessing here).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Default Re: How to recognise mounted devices?

    I think it may be in Personal Settings-Advanced-Device Actions.

    This is supposed to control the action when a device is connected. I have never personally used it.

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