System WAS 11.1 (32bit) 4GB RAM dual core AMD with MSI MOBO w/ NVidea built in adapter.

MOBO apparently died.

So now running ASUS, 8GB RAM, dual core AMD (same as before), but I have upgraded from 11.1 to 11.2 (32bit) to 11.2 (64bit) trying to get around what I found to be an ATI driver problem (forums).

The new MOBO has ATI Radeon. I have spent a week trying to get past problems with it. Started reading the problems in the forums, and so pulled a GeForce 8600 GS off a shelf and put it in this system (it was originally bought for this workstation -- but it and the now dead MSI MOBO didn't like each other).

Ok, here is where I have gotten. I can login with root (don't start the root gui rant, you are preaching to the wrong person), but I can't log in with my power user account or with the normal workstation user's account (my wife). It makes no difference if I do this with the failsafe or default boot (Grub is only showing the two).

I have run yast to remove anything to do with the ATI drivers. And once that completed, ran it to pull in Nvidea drivers and config routines. That all seemed to run OK.

When I try to login with other than root, the login fails with (and this is off the top of my head):

Failed runlevel 5:

And then, you just hang. So I swapped to virt screen 1 and logged on as root and issued shutdown now -r.

I have tried to swap users, and that is also a disaster where a reboot is needed to get going again.

I also can't seem to get the nvidea config software to startup and run. Yast has run the software management module to verify the system, and nothing shows a missing requirement.

Any ideas?