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Thread: Uninstall KTTSD from OpenSUSE 11

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    Default Uninstall KTTSD from OpenSUSE 11

    How do I remove KTTSD from my system. I installed it some how, cannot remember how, and now I get no sound at all. Previous posts to this forum suggested that the KTTSD was the problem. Yesterday I got an error message saying that KTTSD had crashed, I then got my sound beck. I used YAST to remove the KTTSD but now I get an error "Could not find service 'kttsd' - Plasma"

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    I have the same problem.

    After unsuccessfully trying to make KTTS work, the sound does not work any more.

    I then un-installed kttsd but problem stays. Under hardware/sound (YAST) when I click on "reset all devices" the sound card is apparently restarted and the sound works again...until next boot, when I am back in the same situation.

    I suspect that some components of the ktts may still be active after reboot, blocking or stopping in some way the sound card.

    Any suggestion?

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