Here's the problem: Running Firefox 3.6.4 on KDE 3.5 on openSUSE Linux 11.0, running Adobe AIR TweetDeck v0.33.4. When I click on a shortened URL link in TweetDeck, such as to go to a YouTube video link, Firefox attempts to open the link from the cache, not go directly to the Web page. Result is something like: file:///var/tmp/kdecache-rhack/krun/30908.0.bBUGz0. So I get the YouTube or other Web page from the cache, not from the Web site. I'm not entirely sure if this a Firefox bug or a TweetDeck bug.

I changed the KDE preferences to use Opera as the default browser - it works fine. So it's a problem with Firefox.

Anybody got any ideas? A Firefox Support Forum guy suggested it seems the URL isn't being passed to Firefox correctly. He's stumped, suggested I ask Linux people. So here I is.

Yes, Firefox 3.6.4 is a beta - a beta that will go live in a couple weeks, and is pretty stable for the last few days. So no need to mention the obvious - that it's a beta.

The TweetDeck I'm running is the latest.

Yes, I'm running on 11.0. I will do a clean install of 11.3 in July when that's released. No need to upgrade now with a new version right around the corner.

BTW, Firefox was handling links fine last week. Suddenly it stopped about the time I uninstalled 3.6.3 (due to repeated crashes on YouTube and Gmail) and installed 3.6.4 directly from Mozilla. So I suspect the issue has to do with using Mozilla's generic Linux build over openSUSE's native build.

The problem is minor. I can just as easily copy and past URL's from TweetDeck into the browser address bar. But if there's a fix, I might as well know it so I can make this stuff work the way it's supposed to (but never does).