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Thread: Disable TV-Out w/o xorg.conf

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    I am running Crossover Office on a laptop on OpenSuSE 11.2 with a fair bit of success (Outlook is still twitchy related apparently to the http stack). But whenever I do disk I/O to a windows app and I have a second monitor plugged in it flashes to black.

    In prior OpenSuSE versions I used to be able to stop this by adding entries to disable the TV output in xorg.conf but now it appears that there is no xorg.conf in use. How do I disable this in the post-sax2 era?

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    Default Re: Disable TV-Out w/o xorg.conf

    You can still use xorg.conf

    The Xserver is capable of creating its own configuration file. As root just run:
    X -configure
    The Xserver will then load each driver module, probe for the driver and create a configuration file. The configuration file will be stored in the home directory of the user who started the Xserver (usually /root). It's called so another config file that may exist in this directory will be overwritten.

    You may edit this file by hand to suit your needs.
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