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Thread: screenlets-manager does not load

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    Default screenlets-manager does not load

    run screenlets-manager in ternimal (11.2x64)
    PHP Code:
    screenlets-managercat: /etc/screenlets/prefixNo such file or directory
    (most recent call last):
    File "/usr/share/screenlets-manager/"line 29in <module>
    from screenlets import utils,install
    cannot import name install 
    i do not knowhow to solve it

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    Default Re: screenlets-manager does not load

    Hello kraxi,

    It looks like you're missing a python library.
    I'm not sure which one you miss.
    But make sure you have these packages installed:
    • gnome-python-desktop
    • python-dateutil
    • python-gnome
    • python-gnome-extras
    • python-gtk
    • python-imaging
    • pyxdg

    And could you tell us where you got screenlets form?

    Good luck!
    Where did I put my coffee cup?
    dir -R /home/* | grep "coffee cup"

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