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Thread: Update - Not working?

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    Default Update - Not working?

    Every time I try to update o I get this

    System management is locked by the application with pid 23703 (/usr/sbin/packagekitd).
    Close this application before trying again.

    Would you like to continue without having access
    to the package management or retry to access it?

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    Default Re: Update - Not working?

    Some other application with PID xxxxx is also running updates or downloads. only one application can update teh system at any given time. Most likely it is the Update widget that is checking for updates. If it does it all the time you may have a hung process. you can kill that process with the kill command. PID = Process ID

    kill PID
    where PID is the reported process number.

    If you want to see what process it is

    ps -A | grep PID
    where PID is the reported process number.

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    Default Re: Update - Not working?

    Still not working? Can you describe your update procedure in steps from a log on. If there is something simple that can mess something up I am likely familiar with it.

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