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    Datacrow installed from one click install for openSuse 11.2
    Problem: can't open image file.
    message: 02:37:52 - An error occured while reading the image

    02:37:52 - javax.imageio.IIOException: Invalid argument to native writeImage

    Any idea?

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    palladium NNTP User

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    crescendo wrote:
    > Any idea?

    my idea would be to:

    1. search to see if anyone else has had a problem, and if
    so what and how did they fix it, like:

    yep, two hits

    2. then if those (i didn't read'em, so i don't know) didn't help my
    next idea would be to search wider, but still in linux, and i'd
    include a large fragment of the error you reported, like:


    nope, not a single hit on that, you have something
    unique...which usually means RARE...which usually means you have not
    set up data crow correctly...OR you found a bug...time to ask
    yourself: did you carefully and completely follow all documentation in
    setting up data crow?

    3. next i try the wider search without the error message but with any
    of these keywords: problem, help or error, like:
    oh...2,160 you can scrub (maybe find a few more words to add
    into the search string to narrow it down to many several dozen hits)

    4. Then i'd try to find the source of the program and see if there is
    an FAQ, or expanded documentation, or maybe even a forum (but do NOT
    drop into the forum and ask a question answered in the Frequently
    Asked Question list, unless you wanna be labeled lazy..

    good luck,


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