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Thread: 2GB filesize limit

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    Default 2GB filesize limit

    I am working on something in PHP at the moment that has to generate a large text file, and while letting it run, I noticed that it maxed out at exactly 2GB, and just stopped. I looked up 2GB filesize limits on linux, and discovered that, at least at one point, this was the case. Is it still the case? I am running a 32 bit version of OpenSuSE 11.1 on an Ext3 filesystem. Is there any way to circumvent this problem if it is the case? I know i have no issue on x64 SuSE 11.2, is the only difference there because of the x64? I would do it on there instead, but it is only a virtual machine.

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    I discovered the issue is a known bug with PHP. Is PHP in the repo compiled with LFS?

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