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Thread: Can Kinternet autostart in Gnome & 11.2?

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    Default Can Kinternet autostart in Gnome & 11.2?

    Hello List! Any suggestions to autostart kinternet with Gnome?

    I recently switched desktops. Kinternet connects fine with Gnome, but it doesn't start up with Gnome. I tried putting kinternet into the Gnome startup, but kinternet errors when it starts. Heboland.

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    Default Re: Can Kinternet autostart in Gnome & 11.2?

    Replying to myself - it's working!
    Just like I did before in 11.2 Gnome, I went to Computer > Control Center > System > Startup Applications.
    My kinternet is in /opt/kde3/bin. Browsing for that with the Startup Applications editor starts kintern on gnome login.
    The difference is that this time there is no error message. Heboland.

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    Default Re: Can Kinternet autostart in Gnome & 11.2?

    Replying again to myself, the error(s) came back. For completeness I'm going to enter the error messages, then stop using kinternet in favor of kppp!

    If anyone else want's to pursue this, I'll be happy to partner.

    My take on these errors are do to variation in the daemon start order. When I have checked smpppd and dcop services they have been running. I added myself to dialout.

    This is the most common bootup message:
    This is the kinternet error message:
    Connection to local and remote server
    refused. Maybe smpppd is not running
    or you are not member of the group "dialout".
    Also check the server settings in
    the dialog "Various Settings".

    The heavy duty message is this one:
    DCOP communications error (Kinternet)
    There was an error settig up inter-process communications for KDE. The message returned by the system was:
    Could not open network socket.
    Please check that the "dcompserver" program is running!

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    Default Re: Can Kinternet autostart in Gnome & 11.2?

    You do know the the K means it is a KDE app. Some KDE Apps work fine in gnome. But I don't think KInternet is one of them.

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    Default Re: Can Kinternet autostart in Gnome & 11.2?

    Thanks for the response, gogalthorp.
    Yes I know kinternet and kppp are kde applications. As far as I know, there isn't a gnome application for dial-up internet connections.

    Sometimes the startup works. I think kinternet just needs to be started at a different time in the bootup process Heboland

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    Default Re: Can Kinternet autostart in Gnome & 11.2?

    I have a better solution to starting kinternet in gnome for what it's worth!

    It seems the gnome autostart apps start with a pecking order. Login sound seems to run last, so I modified that.

    Gnome login sound never worked with the tcl binary file it was trying to execute, so I wrote a shell script that starts both kinternet and alsa playing the login.wave.

    The idea was to delay the kinternet invocation until Dcop and smpppd had already started. A better solution would have been to detect these deamons, but what I did is working!


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