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Thread: changing wallpaper causes automatic log out, Suse 11.2 KDE

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    Unhappy changing wallpaper causes automatic log out, Suse 11.2 KDE


    Just ran into this issue with Suse 11.2. Everytime I try to change the desktop wallpaper, plasma crashes and returns me to the log in screen. This is the first time this has happened and it happens no matter what wallpaper I choose. Desktop effects are OFF. Strange that adding widgets to the desktop does NOT cause this crash, just changing the desktop wallpaper. Anyone have any ideas? The computer is using 855GM Intel Chipset.

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    Is it the Wallpaper or Desktop Theme that causes the logout? Is it a logout or a crash? Is it all, or just some? Which Desktop Theme do you have? What if you change the Desktop Theme, and then change the Wallpaper?

    I have the Oxygen Desktop Theme and my Wallpaper Type is color. I tried various themes, and some of them would log me out. That might be considered a crash, although, I consider a crash something that shows me a dump with registers and/or memory. I actually remove the contents of /var/tmp at boot via cron. It definitely slows KDE on first login. I tried several steps, and I'm not sure which one finally fixed my KDE, but I no longer have the problems with the themes and getting logged off at this time. I had other weirdness too. But, they are gone too. Something must have gotten set wrong or wasn't set, but changing the height of a panel and putting it back actually fixed a problem.

    If it is KDE specific, the kde forum might help. The steps below are from the KDE forum:

    kquitapp plasma-desktop
    rm -rf /var/tmp/kdecache-$USER/plasma*
    rm -r /var/tmp/kdecache-$USER/kpc/
    plasma-desktop &
    I tried the above procedure, and some of my panel settings got lost and I had to reset them (i.e., position, visibility). There was some other residual stuff happening (i.e., world clock continued to write to the Konsole), so I logged off and logged back on before I considered the above steps completed.


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    Default Re: changing wallpaper causes automatic log out, Suse 11.2 KDE

    So. it's not per se plasma that's crashing, the entire X-server crashes. Can you tell us a bit more about your install?
    Which KDE4 version? From which repos (post output of 'zypper lr -d')?
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