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Thread: kernel panic...where are KDE 4.4.1 repos?

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    Default kernel panic...where are KDE 4.4.1 repos?

    I got a kernel panic a few minutes ago....wasn't really doing anything other than typing into Firefox like this....panics spook me.....has anyone else had a kernel panic with 11.2 KDE? This is KDE 4.3.5 but I had one with 4.4.1 also....might as well go back...EDIT: I think I might have tried to launch Gmail via the Plasmoid but it didn't launch....can a plasmoid cause a panic?

    where are the factory repo's I enable to upgrade my KDE?

    Cheers, Big Ears!

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    Default Re: kernel panic...where are KDE 4.4.1 repos?

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