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Thread: Repositary data specific for each distro

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    Default Repositary data specific for each distro

    Hi all,

    Back in 2008 there was this post:
    [opensuse-buildservice] Repositary data specific for each distro

    I recently pacakged GNUmed (WebHome < Gnumed < TWiki) on obs and the repo seems
    to be in yum format.

    That means Mandriva users have to install a second package manager (i.e.
    smart) that understands that format.

    Please consider providing the Mandriva native metadata so the repository can
    be added to the default Mandriva package manager.

    For this to happen the metadata is created like this:

    genhdlist2 --xml-info /path/to/your/repo

    Then any mandriva user can integrete your repo with

    urpmi.addmedia GnuMed
    with media_info/

    This is a major usability enhancement and could lead to more widespread use of OBS by Mandriva developers and users.

    Any help is appreciated,
    Sebastian Hilbert

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    Default Re: Repositary data specific for each distro


    Forums are mainly used for end user support.

    For this developer related topic, please kick off the opensuse-buildservice mailing list again, and open a buildservice request in our features tracking tool.

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