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Thread: OpenOffice Bug with Scroll Wheel

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    Default OpenOffice Bug with Scroll Wheel

    Someone will probably ask for this information at some point, or need it for something, so here it is first:
    OS: Linux i686
    System: openSUSE 11.1 (i586)
    KDE: 4.3.4 (KDE 4.3.4) "release 2"

    Now on to the problem:
    After updating to OpenOffice 3.2 (currently using I believe), I've run into a small-yet-annoying problem. Thankfully, it's nothing like the crashing and other issues other people have had, it's running just as well as it's ever run on my machine (small issues here and there, nothing until now that couldn't be remedied by finding two other ways to do the task in the Help window) but this update made it so when scrolling over measurements and other options (the kind where you click and a menu appears, I think it's called a Combo Box) where options are in a list it no longer scrolls through the available options/values of whatever my cursor is over, but rather the one that is highlighted, forcing me to click on each individual option.

    Not a big deal, but if anyone knows what this is since it's something smaller than most people are having trouble with right now, it would be nice. I could probably get used to it, but just about everything else on SUSE (and for that matter just about any machine I've found a Linux Distro on) allows scrolling to change these values, so it's annoying that ONLY OpenOffice 3.2 on this machine doesn't do it.

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    Default Re: OpenOffice Bug with Scroll Wheel

    Not a solution, but you might use the arrow keys instead of clicking the items individually.

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    things like that are _sometimes_ the result of small video driver _might_ be able to use a newer (or older) driver and
    the irritant you describe would just go away..

    *or* your attempts at installing various drivers might murder your
    machine--so, i'm saying it is something you _should_ do..

    what i think you _should_ do is search the bug data base here:

    and see if you can find your bug already reported...(if so, there may
    already be a solution or work around noted)

    if not, i think you should report it..


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    Default Re: OpenOffice Bug with Scroll Wheel

    I'm experiencing this too. Filed a bug.

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    b m kast wrote:
    > I'm experiencing this too. Filed a 'bug'
    > (

    thank you!
    all others should add their comments to that bug..


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    Default Re: OpenOffice Bug with Scroll Wheel

    Because of a completely different, yet very annoying problem (save-as Word document corrupts the file if there's a table in it), I am running version from the Unstable repository and I can report that this issue is NOT present there - if I scroll the mouse-wheel in the font-size combobox, the font sizes go up and down as desired.
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