I'm using the Oxygen Desktop Theme, and my Wallpaper is a solid blue/green color. I want to keep things simple and clean. I do have selective desktop effects enabled.

I have the "Logout - Desaturate the desktop when display the Logout Dialog" unchecked, but when I click the leave button, the desktop still does it.
  • Anyway to turn Desaturate desktop REALLY off?

With the Oxygen Theme I like the shape of widgets. The font is white, and the Desktop Folder Views are a darker version of the desktop. Although, I think this might be a fluke, because if I select another Desktop theme, and then go back to Oxygen, the Desktop Folder View background maybe different. It isn't consistent, and I think it is suppose to be dark brown if working properly. I'm glad it doesn't :-), but probably should figure out what's going on. :-)

The Oxygen Theme in general seems to have this dark brown background and this shows up in folder expansions, pop-ups, dialogs like shutdown, krunner.

  • Can I use the Oxygen Theme without that dark brown background? I'd rather have a variation of my desktop solid blue/green color (no transparency).

I'm a little overwhelmed by all the places a user can change the colors, shape, and actions of KDE widgets. It's not bad, it's just more work and can be confusing. Picking a configuration option that affects what a user sees from a list of words and maybe a tiny thumbnail is difficult. And, the extent of changing an option that affects what we see is unknown, and there is no "undoing", and there can be residual effects. Icks!

I've tried a lot of different Desktop Themes. It is difficult to choose by name alone. Some of them kicked me off KDE and I had to re-login, and others just simply changed the desktop.
  • Is it normal for a Desktop Them to kick a user off or is there a problem with those particular themes?

I don't know what goes on behind a theme (from a development standpoint), but it seems a theme can definitely impact the performance and stability, and perception of KDE 4. I tried a couple themes, from the Desktop Theme drop-down, and my taskbar went nuts. I had to revert back to Oxygen.
  • Anyone else have this happen? Is it the theme or my KDE 4 desktop?

Thank you.