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Thread: How to Import data from Windows Xp

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    Default How to Import data from Windows Xp

    I'm new in Linux, therefore i have many doubts.

    Here is what i want:

    I want to import from Windows XP all cookies and bookmarks i use in Firefox in to Suse.

    I can not start windows as the hard drive is damaged, i was able to copy the cookies and favorites as well other important data from Windows.

    The question is how to use this data in suse, can this be just copied into the Firefox directory?
    If possible what is the path to put all this info?

    Any other option/solution?

    Sorry for the long question.

    Thank You

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    Default Re: How to Import data from Windows Xp

    You can find the hidden firefox directory in your home directory.


    Inside you will find the default profiles, you can copy the files there, then start firefox and all should be good.

    As for the other data, you would need to be a bit more specific about it, but a simple copy and paste should suffice.

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